H042669 TENT PEGS. (Zeltpflock) 

BACKGROUND: Along with the standard issue M31 Zeltbahn, (Quarter shelter/poncho), each soldier was also equipped with tenting accessories that consisted of the M1892 tent rope, the three piece M1901 breakdown tent pole, and two M1929 tent pegs enabling the individual to utilize his Quarter shelter with others to form a tent. Normally these tenting accessories would be carried in the individual’s backpack or rucksack although there was a specially designed carrying bag for these items that was issued on a limited basis. The early issue tent pegs were constructed of metal or metal alloy’s while later production tent pegs were generally manufactured in molded bakelite, plastic impregnated wood or plain wood. 

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The four early tent pegs are the carved natural wood type with sheet metal fittings and are roughly, 27cm tall and 20mm wide, with a flat top and a pointed tip bottom. All four tent pegs have blued sheet metal fittings riveted to both the top and bottom ends. The top metal fittings each have a small, vertically, oval cut-out with a horizontal extended sheet metal peg for attaching guide ropes. Either WW1 or early 1920's vintage.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $96.00

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