H042183 CONVALESCENT'S HOSPITAL PANTS. (Genesung Lazarett Hose)

BACKGROUND: Although each division in the German army of WWII had divisional support units which included a medical unit that normally consisted of two companies, a field hospital and two ambulance platoons there was also an extensive organization of higher echelon army first-aid stations and hospitals. Wounded personnel would first be moved to the units first-aid station for immediate evaluation and care and if the wounds were of a severe nature the individual would then be transferred to the regimental or divisional first-aid stations. If the wounds were very serious the individual would then be sent to an army hospital in the rear area. Very severely wounded personnel that would require a long time for recuperation would be evacuated to a civilian hospital near his home if possible. Generally all levels of military units preferred to treat their own wounded as evacuation to a rear army or civilian hospital could result in the individual being assigned to a different unit when released. The success of the German military’s medical organization can be judged on the fact that those evacuated to a hospital had a 98.5% chance of recovery. When hospitalized, personnel would turn in all their equipment and clothing to the hospital administration who would issue a return chit and supply a hospital "uniform" that consisted of a jacket, pants and slippers.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Heavy weight, woven cotton/rayon blend construction convalescent’s issue hospital pants with an HBT, (Herring Bone Twill), weave. The pants have a distinctive vertical, striped, pattern consisting of a fine light and dark blue stripe alternating with a wider white stripe. The pants have a vertical, three button French (bottom button is broken but present) fly with an additional button positioned on the waistband. Suspender buttons all complete (except one). The pants have a dual-ply interior waistband and a small white cotton reinforcement panel to the crotch. The buttons all their original stitching. The pants are roughly size 30" waist.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $149.00

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