H040170 K98 SECOND PATTERN RIFLE GRENADE AMMUNITION BAGS. (Paar Trägbeutel für Gewehrgranaten) BACKGROUND: The first German WWII rifle grenade launcher was a spigot type developed in 1941 in an attempt to provide anti-tank capability to small infantry units but it proved ineffective and was discontinued in 1942. In early 1943 a second pattern, launcher cup type, rifle grenade launcher was introduced and utilized until the end of the war. At least eight different types of grenades were utilized with the launcher including anti-personnel, anti-tank, smoke, flare and propaganda leaflet grenades. The rifle grenade launchers were compatible with all German bolt action rifles.  Individuals equipped with the rifle grenade launchers were also furnished with specially designed ammunition bags for the rifle grenades and special ammunition. The first pattern bags were designed with an integral neck and retaining strap, whereas the second pattern bags eliminated these straps and substituted them with one short joining/carrying strap.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The factory manufactured, coarsely woven, blue/grey, canvas construction rifle grenade bags with dual machine stitched side seams. Each of the bags feature a fold over top flap with a riveted on, vertical, blackened leather closure strap with a corresponding, leather reinforced pronged sheet metal roller buckle positioned on the front center of each bag. The bags are joined together by a strap which is machine stitched to the reverse top corner of each. Nicely marked and dated for 1942. The bags are in overall excellent, unissued condition.

GRADE ****1/2                             PRICE $775.00

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