H031164 MG34 WEAPONS TOOL KIT. (Waffen Werkzeugtasche)

BACKGROUND: Weapons maintenance was of utmost importance to sustain effective results in combat. To ensure proper maintenance of the weapons specially trained Unterwaffenmeister’s, (Weapons Maintenance Sergeants), were assigned to all Infantry units. These Unterwaffenmeister’s were equipped with a specific set of tools enabling them to perform field repairs and maintenance on all the basic Infantry weapons.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Multiple piece weapons tool kit which was designed to be carried in the MG34 Patronenkasten 41, (Ammunition case 41). The kit is comprised of a 33cm x 7cm x 14cm, opened top and end, sheet metal sleeve insert. Sleeve insert has two internal bar hinges to the bottom edges of the central 7cm wide panel, allowing it to open and lay flat. Top edge of sleeve insert has two heavy wire swivel carrying and extracting handles. Interior of the sleeve insert has numerous brazed on extended clips to secure the tools in place. Sleeve insert retains about 95% of its original field grey paint with the outline of the tools in an off-white paint to ensure they are placed in the proper positions. Kit still contain it hammer, pliers, caliber gauge, and one multi-purpose handle. Tools included consist of five assorted files, two pair of different sized pliers, caliber gauge, hammer, file and pencil etc. The double headed spanner wrench, adjustable wrench, and gunsmiths clamp are missing. (See photo for contents details). Tools all retain the majority of their original finishes and the adjustable wrench and the gunsmiths clamp are both well marked with impressed manufacturers logo, "Mauser". The bottom central 7cm wide panel, has two slightly raised riveted bars to each side which secure a 27cm x 11cm x 3cm, magnetic sheet metal drawer with sliding shelves to each end. Drawer also retains about 95% of its original field grey paint. Nicely marked "hoz 1941" for Bernhard Zade, Berlin 1941. Scare MG34 item.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $1,365.00

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