H029478 WOOL & LEATHER WINTER BOOTS. (Wolle und Lederstiefel)

BACKGROUND: The felt and leather boots were originally introduced after the first devastating winter in Russian as the standard leather marching boots didnít provide the warmth required in the extreme cold. The felt and leather boots came in two styles with a lighter weight style which offered warmth and enabled the wearer to retain a degree of mobility and a second heavier felt and leather over-boot intended for wear by stationary guards and sentinels. The lighter style felt and leather boots were designed to replace the leather marching boot while the heavier felt and leather over-boots were designed to slip over the leather marching boot. Both of the boots gained widespread popularity by all personnel in the sub-zero temperatures on the Eastern front. Both styles of the felt and leather boots were distributed to EM/NCOís for the winter season, (September 15TH to April 15TH), with other winter garments and were to be returned to the units clothing depot in April for storage, repair and cleaning to be reissued the following September. Originally Officers and senior NCOís responsible for purchasing their own uniforms and footwear were required to purchase the felt and leather winter boots until regulations of December 1942 extended the issue winter clothing and footwear to all ranks in the colder theatres of operation. Of Note: Luftwaffe personnel initially utilized brown leather accoutrements but during the war the leather items were generally blackened.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Coarsely woven, grey wool and black leather construction boots are roughly, 28.5cm tall from the top of the heel to the top of the back calf section. The top 11cm of the calves are constructed in the wool. To the interior to each boot is a pair of pull tabs. The bottoms of each sole is smooth and has a foot that measures approximately 30cm (12") long.

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