BACKGROUND: The Feldgendarmerie, (Military Field Police), units were established on mobilization of the army in August 1939 and drew the majority of its personnel from the civil Ordnungspolizei, (Order Police), as they were already familiar with policing regulations and tasks. The Feldgendarmerie were assigned a wide variety of tasks that included, military traffic control, maintaining discipline and compliance of orders of the troops, the apprehension of stragglers and deserters, escorting POW’s, control of the civilian population, securing communication and supply lines, anti-partisan suppression and control of any disorder in the occupied rear areas of battle among other duties. The Feldgendarmerie were also empowered with the authority to perform location and personal searches and could demand required assistance from any military or civilian personnel. The Feldgendarmerie’s authority extended to the point that Feldgendarmerie’s ranks out-ranked similar military personnel’s ranks. As an expedient measure the Feldgendarmerie personnel originally wore police uniforms with army insignia added but by late 1939 or early 1940 they were issued army uniforms with distinct identifying insignia including a duty Gorget, a cufftitle and a police sleeve badge for wear by all ranks. The Feldgendarmerie gorget was first introduced in late 1938, as identification insignia for Military Field Police personnel and was only worn when the individual was performing policing duties. The gorget remained in usage through-out the war.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Stamped, five piece, magnetic sheet metal construction gorget with silver, luminous yellow and dark matte grey washes. The gorget has a separate, stamped, army style eagle with out-stretched wings, to the center, pebbled buttons to both the upper tips and a furled "banner" with embossed Latin script, "Feldgendarmerie" to the bottom. The eagle, buttons and banner script all have a luminous yellow wash, allowing them to glow in the dark for identification at night. The reverse of the gorget has three brazed on sheet metal tabs, with one to each top tip and the third tab offset to the left center. Both of the tabs to the top tips were designed for the suspension chain and the third tab was designed to slip through a button hole on the uniform. The reverse of the gorget still has its original backing intact. The gorget comes complete with its matte silver washed, forty-one link, magnetic sheet metal suspension chain. Each link on the suspension chain is joined to the next by crimped oval wire retainers. Perfect, untouched, original example. Super nice, would be hard to upgrade!

GRADE ****3/4                             PRICE $1,259.00

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