BACKGROUND: Basic human instinct dictates that soldiers in the field, regardless of nationality, long for their loved ones at home. As a result it was very common for these soldiers to have themselves photographed and send the photos home. As today, there were also numerous other reasons to pose for a photograph, new appointments, promotions, weddings anniversaries etc., etc..

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 23cm x 30cm black and white photograph. Nice uniform details including a Knights Cross, EK2 ribbon, EK1, marksman lanyard, anti-tank shoulder straps, visor cap and waffenrock. Comes complete with its original 40cm x 50cm period frame with glass. Original metal hanging hook to top reverse. If anybody can identify this soldier, please e-mail me and I will add the information here.

New info add April 22nd 2010

"Hi...the subject of the above photo is most likely

Oberfeldwebel and Oberschirmeister Fritz MEUSGEIER of 3rd Comp Panzer Jager Abt 13 of the 13th Panzer Division awarded the knights cross on 15th Nov 1941.

Pz Div 13 was initially 13th Inf Div,then conv to 13th Mot Inf Div and finally a Pz Div in Autumn 1940. It left Roumania and ent Russia as part of Army Group South and was heavily engaged in the drive on and encirclement of Kiev, Chernigovka Pocket and the capture of Rostov and assisted in holding back the Soviet winter offensive of 41/42.

No doubt Meusgeier recvd the knights cross for actions during one of these ferocious engagements."

Howard, thank you for the information. Peter

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