BACKGROUND: The belt support hooks were utilized with the service tunic and the field blouse to assist in supporting and distributing the weight of the equipment on the load carrying waist belt. The service tunic and the field blouse were equipped with four sets of three, vertically aligned, stitched eyelets at the waistline to accommodate the belt support hooks. Regulations of November 1ST 1934 introduced the separate, removable, internal belt hook support straps. The removable belt hook support straps were issued with the field blouse and the partial lining of the field blouse had slits near the shoulder seam and again near the waist line to accommodate them. The field blouse also had a small downward pointing metal hook, positioned at the internal waistline, which was designed to be inserted in one of the unused eyelets on the straps to secure them in place. The removable belt hook support straps were abolished in phases, starting in 1939 with the introduction of the combat Y-straps. Units issued with the new combat Y-straps discontinued issue of the removable straps. In 1942 cyclist units discontinued use of the removable straps and in April 1943 they were abolished altogether and replaced with four, small, integral straps with stitched eyelets which were sewn directly into the field blouse. The belt support hooks would be inserted through the eyelets of the retaining straps and then through the eyelets on the service tunic or field blouse.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Two woven, field-grey, canvas web construction, removable, internal belt hook support straps. The straps each have a roughly, 25cm long, slightly curved, 40mm wide, central section with roughly, 36cm long, 25mm wide, end sections with fifteen, stitched, belt support hooks eyelets to each end. Maker marked and dated for 1940. Nice.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $349.00

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