BACKGROUND: The military lyre, or glockenspiel, is one of the more distinctive instruments used by the German Musikkorps. Used since the 1860s, it replaced the marching bands triangle and was one of the final instruments to complete its transformation into present modern form. Its unique pear shape and outer contours where originally inspired by the Greek lyre. This brass bodied percussion instrument has horizontal bars made of metal, which are struck with a hard rubber, or wood mallet. The number of tuned keys on earlier units usually ranged from 13 upward to 18. They where arranged vertically and affixed by wire . The lyra design ranged from simple-shaped tubular brass frames , down to the intricately crafted and heavier choir bell lyre, where the right and left frame arm ends had eagles heads crafted on to them . The frame ends sometimes had tails hanging down made of horse or buffalo hair with colours ranging with combinations of red, white and black . These 23 inch long tails where influenced by the 17th century Turkish Janissary musicians. From 1936 onward , many Lyraís adorned Eagles or political symbols which where located on the center upper cross bar between the ends . Lyres where produced by dozens of different manufacturers , and available in a variety of sizes, and finishes such nickel , silver , and chrome plating . This naturally increased the retail cost . A long wooden handle or spear, was attached under the lower body and acted as a grip, and also could be placed into a leather hanger that was supported over the musicians shoulders and hung around waist height . Lyra's where a distinctly German instrument that where commonly reused throughout the wars. Often old lyraís where proudly utilized by the newly formed East German National Volksarmee, who embraced the old style imperialistic music, much to the complete horror of their West German counterparts who shifted into a more orchestra style format.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A brass body glockenspiel with all of itís keys missing. The glockenspiel measures approximately 84cm long from the top key to the end of the wooden insert of the hollow tube and 44cm wide at the widest point. The surface shows moderate/heavy surface wear and dulling, light surface scratches and a few dents. To the reverse, to either side of the top bar, repairs have been made to keep it attached. The beak of the left facing eagle has broken off. It's a nickel silver plating over the brass body .. otherwise referred to as "German Silver" A expensive option at the time . Inscription on the base is - 93R 3B ( 93 regiment, 3rd Battalion ) . 

GRADE ***                             PRICE $475.00

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