H018369 DOCUMENT GROUPING. (Gruppe) 

A large fourty page document group of Karl Sommerrock, who began his career with the RAD, Luftwaffe, and SS-Pz. Jag. Abt.54 of the 4.SS-Freiw Pz. Gren. Some of these documents include a statement of non-Jewish decent, handwritten request by Sommerrock to be transferred from pilot school to another unit as he is frequently ill along with a statement confirming his is fit to be trained as a pilot, but has been removed from pilotís school, and a letter by the SS-Pz. Jag Abt. 54 to the Weiden Military Recruiting Office that Somerrock has been transferred to the SS unit after his unit (9.Lw.Feld-Div) was disbanded and asked for his Wehrpass to be sent to the unit. Others include his Gesundheitsbuch and Wehrstammbuch (the cover has pulled away from the body of the book) and a replacement issued Wehrpass without photo. Extensive grouping worthy of further research.

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