H018269 DOCUMENT GROUPING. (Gruppe) A six piece document grouping of Ludwig Schork, Private in the Infantry, Penal Unit that consists of his Wehrpass, Ausmusterungsschein (Certificate of Discharge), postcard from his father, as well as two typewritten letters from the offices of Dr. H. Schmid und J. Weller. The postcard, from his father, advises Ludwig not to accept an Army lawyer for his trial, but tell his CO., that his father will appoint a lawyer instead. The letter from the lawyer, dated March 31, 1938 is in regard to the verdict of the Military Court, while the second, dated April 14, 1938, gives an appeal date. A form dated 24-2-41 requests a visit to the army "Fürsorgeoffizier" (Welfare Officer). The Wehrpass shows that Ludwig served with Inf. Rgt. 80 from 20-10-36 to 13-10-37 when he was transferred to Sonder-Abt. V. Müsingen, the pre-WWII Army Penal Unit, where he stayed until 22-4-38 when he was discharged. The entry on page 24 states, that his left arm was damaged, and although there is no indication of why he was sent to the Penal Unit, it was felt that the injury was self inflicted in an effort to be discharged from military service. Of Note: This Penal Unit was a forerunner of the later units numbered 500 and 999.

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