BACKGROUND: On May 2ND 1939 the Oberkommando des Heeres, (High Command of the Army), authorized wear of a distinctive Edelweiss tradition badge for Mountain Troop personnel and the design of the badge was based on a pattern worn by German Alpine troops in WWI. The badge came in three forms with a cloth version for wear on the upper right sleeve of the service uniform, a stemless metal version for wear on the visor cap and a stemmed metal version for wear on the mountain cap. Of Note: Originally regulations, unsuccessfully, dictated the edelweiss’s were to be removed from wear if the individual was transferred out of a Mountain Troop unit. On November 12TH 1944 regulations were altered to permitted continued wear of the edelweiss after transfer out of a Mountain Troop unit as long as the individual had combat experience while serving with the Mountain Troops.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Two piece, die stamped, natural zinc construction mountain cap, edelweiss with an extended, dual leaf stem, nine extended, irregular petals and a separate, gilt washed, alloy, six bulb stamen. The stamen is secured to the edelweiss by two bent over prongs that are visible on the reverse. The edelweiss has five small pin holes in the petals and one in the stem for stitching it to the cap. The reverse of the badge is a mirror image of the obverse.

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