H013568 MOUNTAIN TROOPER'S SKI "CLIMBING SKINS". (Gebirgsjäger Schibeschützer)

BACKGROUND: During WWII the German army fielded nine Mountain Divisions with an additional six Waffen-SS Mountain Divisions. Generally speaking the Mountain Divisions were specially trained and equipped Infantry Divisions. Due to the nature of the terrain and the commonly colder climate that the Mountain Divisions were expected to serve in, special clothing, footwear and equipment was developed specifically for their use. Primarily the special equipment developed for the Mountain personnel consisted of winter warfare and mountain climbing related items, and included, skis, ski accessories, crampons, pitons, ice pick axes, snowshoes, snow goggles, etc. etc.. One of the unique ski accessories were the ski "climbing skins". The "climbing skins" would be attached to the bottom of the skis and were designed to allow a skier to ski up steep inclines without sliding backwards. The bottom of the "skins" were lined with horsehair, which would lie down as the wearer slid forward, but would stand up and grip the snow when the wearer slid backwards.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Two, roughly, 184cm long, 4.5cm wide, dual-ply construction ski "climbing skins", with a coarsely woven, natural tan, canvas top, an off-white "horsehair" bottom with leather webbed fittings. The forward tips of the "skins", each have a stitched and riveted on, small, woven, tan canvas web loop designed to slip over the tips of the skis. Only one of the "skins" have a small, lateral, tan leather strap inserted and riveted between the two layers of material, positioned a little forward of the middle. The leather strap has webbed straps extending from either side. One has a blackened metal ring, while the other has a roller buckle to secure the "skins" to the skis. The "skins" also have a small, lateral, woven, tan canvas web strap inserted and riveted between the two layers of material near the rear tip. Both of the "skins" are marked "Meyer" and "Pi.4." The "skins" show moderate/heavy usage and wear with hand repairs and straps missing.

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