H012876 F33 FIELD TELEPHONE CARRYING STRAP. (Feldfernsprecher 33 Tragerriemen)

BACKGROUND: Accurate intelligence and secure lines of communication are crucial elements to all armies in the field and during WWII each division in the German Army had an integral Signals unit. The Signals unit were usually of Battalion strength and generally consisted of a Headquarters Company, a Radio Company and a Telephone Company. The Signals personnel utilized a wide variety of radio receivers, field telephones and associated communications equipment in all theatres of operation. The Feldfernsprecher 33, (Field Telephone 33), was the standard issue field telephone used by the German military during WWII. The induction magneto F33 field telephone was powered by a 1.5 volt dry cell battery and could be used as a wire communication set and a remote communication set in conjunction with the Tornister Funkgerät d2, and the Tornister Funkgerät b1 and F, (Portable Radio sets models d2, b1 and F). When issued the F33 field telephone came equipped with a shoulder carrying strap.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Two piece, thick, heavy, tan leather construction carrying strap with magnetic metal fittings for the F33 field telephone. Both of the straps are roughly, 25mm wide with one strap being roughly, 28.5cm long with a pronged, magnetic, roller buckle and a leather retaining loop. The other strap is roughly, 108cm long, and has nine, corresponding, punched, length adjustment, buckling eyelets. One end of each strap has a rivetted on metal plate with a pressure applied, attachment button for securing the straps to the field telephone case. The longer strap also has a rivetted on, swivel, metal hook designed for attaching the M33 handset, permitting it to be easily accessible when on the march. Nice example.

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