H011780 WEHRPASS "Banaschik". (Wehrpaß)

BACKGROUND: With the reintroduction of conscription in 1935, the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, (High Command of the Armed Forces), activated the Wehrersatzdienststelle, (Recruiting Offices), throughout Germany to process and administer the call up procedure. When individuals received their registration notice they were to report to the appropriate recruitment center where they would be issued a Wehrpass, until they were inducted into active duty. On induction to active military service the Wehrpass was exchanged at the recruitment office for the Soldbuch. The recruitment office would retain the Wehrpass and chronicle the individuals active service record in it. The Wehrpass was issued in three slightly different variants with minor modifications. Generally if the individual was killed in battle the Wehrpass would be forwarded to his next-of-kin as a memento of his service time.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Wehrpass, WW1 & Wehrmacht prison guard Torgau, KIA. Wehrpass, complete and un-tampered with; Oberfeldwebel Banaschik who served in both world wars. 1915 he joined "1. Königlich Sächsisches Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 12" and fought on both, East and West Front. Later in WWI he fought with "Infanterie Ersatz Bataillon 102". In WWI he was awarded with EKI, EKII and Frontkreuz. In August 1940 (promoted to Unteroffizier) he became a prison guard at "Wehrmachtsgefängnis Torgau" where he stayed until March 1941. In March 1941 he left Torgau to "Wehrmachtsgefängnis Lager Marie über Bitterfeld" where he stayed until July 1942. Now with the rank of a Feldwebel he had a short stay from July 1942 until March 1943 in "Feldstraflager 1" (Field prison) in Northern Finland.  From March 1943 until September 1943 he was a guard at "Wehrmachtsgefängnis Torgau Fort Zinna" again.  Being promoted Oberfeldwebel he had a one-week-stay at "Wehrmachts Gefangenen Abteilung Milowitz" before getting back to Torgau Zinna for another week until September 20th 1943. From September 1943 until April 1944 he was a guard at "Feldstraf Gefangenenabteilung 20" in Russia. On April 25th 1944 at 07:00 in the morning he was KIA nearby the town of Mokrowo

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