H011477 EM/NCO’S SHOULDER STRAP BUTTONS. (Knopfen für Schulterklappen)

BACKGROUND: Although the German army utilized a wide variety of different style buttons on its assorted uniform items the standard tunic/field blouse buttons were the 19mm, (3/4") diameter, magnetic sheet metal or alloy type buttons with a pebbled surface. For the shoulder boards and straps the standard buttons were generally the 17mm, (5/8"), diameter type. The pebbled surface was utilized to reduce glare and also to help retain the painted finish. Regulations prescribed the button color depending on the uniform and or rank of the wearer. Generally the bright silver, gold for Generals ranks, buttons were for wear on the dress and white tunics or on private purchase or piped field blouse. Matte and field-grey buttons were intended for use on the service and drill tunics and the field blouse. Originally EM/NCO’s shoulder strap buttons had the embossed, company numeral, but regulations discontinued the practice early during the war although the directive was not completely adhered to.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Two, roughly, 19mm diameter, matt, die struck alloy construction EM/NCO’s shoulder strap buttons with a pebbled finish and the embossed company numeral, "10". The hollow reverse has an inset circular plate with a closed loop, stitching shank.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $25.00

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