H005157 SIGNALS BATTALION COMMAND STAFF PENNANT. (Stabsflagge für Nachrichtentruppe)

BACKGROUND: Following an age old military tradition the German armed forces of the Third Reich utilized a wide variety of identifying flags and pennants to distinguish Officers and Headquarters and included specific flags and pennants for use by Officers who command units as varied in size as the Army High Command to Battalion sized units. Generally the flags and pennants were designed utilizing the basic unit size tactical map symbols and the appropriate waffenfarbe, (Branch of Service Color). The different branches of service within the German army were allocated a specific identifying waffenfarbe and originally, (Circa 1933), Nachrichten, (Signals), units were allocated light brown waffenfarbe until regulations of June 1936 altered the color to lemon yellow which was utilized for the duration of the war. The staff of a Signals Battalion flew the Signals Battalion Command staff pennant on their vehicles and at their command post.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The multi-piece, woven black and lemon yellow cotton/rayon blend material horizontal, isosceles triangle pennant is roughly, 8 1/2" tall at the hoist edge and 14" long. The pennant features a lemon yellow base field with a roughly, 2 3/4" wide, central, black cross. The hoist edge of the pennant has come unstitched and reveals at internal, white, cotton/rayon blend reinforcement panel. The pennant shows light age and usage toning, a small tear to one side and pin holes with small rust colored stains to each corner of the hoist edge.

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