H004872 FEMALE SIGNALS AUXILIARY CORPS OVERSEAS CAP. (Nachtrichtenhelferin Tuchmütze)

BACKGROUND: Although the German Military had utilized female personnel even prior to WWI, they were employed on an individual contract basis and classed as civilian personnel. The female auxiliaries were originally utilized in a variety of administrative, communications and supply positions including secretaries, clerks, cooks, and supply coordination assistants. With the increase in administrative responsibilities of the army after the successful campaigns of 1939 and 1940 the German’s began to actively recruit female auxiliary personnel to fill the additional positions. As a result the Female Signals Auxiliary Corps was established in October 1940 drawing most of its personnel from the German Red Cross which also supplied some uniform and headgear items. The Female Signals Auxiliary Corps were organized in military fashion and were tasked with all aspects of communications within Greater Germany. Personnel serving with the Female Signals Auxiliary Corps were outfitted with uniforms that included an overseas cap that was basically the same as the army Officer’s M38 overseas caps with the addition of distinctive rank/service piping and a signals, "Blitz" arrow insignia. Of Note: Due to the "Blitz" arrow insignia the Female Signals Auxiliary Corps were commonly referred to as Blitzmädel/Blitzmädchen, (Blitz Girls). Of Note: In November 1944 all female auxiliary personnel were grouped together under the control of the newly established, "Wehrmachthelferinnenkorps", (Corps of Female Armed Forces Auxiliaries). Also Of Note: A photographic example of this type of cap can be seen in J. Halcomb and W.P.B.R. Saris’s book, Headgear of Hitler’s Germany, volume 1 on page 84.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Light weight. stone grey, wool/rayon blend construction cap with a subtle whipcord weave features fold down side and back panels with gently sloping, downward scallops to the front and forward sides. The top crown edge and the downward sloping forward scalloped edges are both trimmed in lemon yellow wool piping. The front center of the fold down panels has a machine woven national eagle in mouse grey threads on a cut-out, woven green rayon base. The cap doesn’t have the national tri-color cockade as per regulations. The left side fold down panel has a machine embroidered, downward pointing, "Blitz" arrow in lemon yellow threads mounted on a small, vertically oval, dark green base. Both the eagle and the "Blitz" arrow are neatly handstitched to the cap. The interior of the cap is fully lined in grey cotton/rayon blend material. Owner name is hand stitched to the inside. Size marked 55. Nice cap!

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $

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