H003760 ISSUE M38 DESK TELEPHONE. (Tischfernsprecher M38)

BACKGROUND: Accurate intelligence and secure lines of communication are crucial elements to all armies in the field and during WWII each division in the German Army had an integral Signals unit. The Signals unit were usually of Battalion strength and generally consisted of a Headquarters Company, a Radio Company and a Telephone Company. The Signals personnel utilized a wide variety of radio receivers, field telephones and associated communications equipment in all theaters of operation. Besides the Signals field communications equipment all temporary and permanent offices, garrisons, barracks, depots, etc., also required secure lines of communication. The crank induction, magneto powered, OB-ZB Model 38 desk phone was developed in 1938 by the Heliowatt Elektrizitäs A.-G. firm of Berlin-Charlottenburg and became the standard issue office/garrison telephone for all branches of the German armed forces.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The roughly, 4 1/4" tall, 5 1/4" wide, 9" deep, molded, black and brown bakelite construction telephone housing case has a downward diagonally angled front section with a raised handset seat with a raised, pressure activated, connection plunger key positioned at each side panel. The diagonally angled front section has two, small, white bakelite panels rivetted in place with the black printed phonetic and pronunciation code to the upper panel and a lower, blank, writing panel. The metal alloy and bakelite construction handset is similar to the standard telephone handset with an internal mouthpiece microphone to one end and an internal earpiece speaker to the other end. The handset is well marked with an impressed waffen-amt. The handset comes complete with its brown fabric covered, connection wire. One side of the case has a small, circular, cut-out port for the induction magneto crank handle connection. The alloy and bakelite crank handle is included. The reverse if the case has a small, aluminum plate rivetted in place with the impressed date, "1940", a serial number, "13731", an additional unknown marking, "Org 20206", and the manufacturer’s name, "Mix & Genest". The reverse if the case also has a small impressed waffen-amt. The bottom edge of the case has a rivetted on, white bakelite panel with an impressed, black schematic diagram and script. The case has a fold back top lid with a rivetted on, magnetic sheet metal, staggered, horizontal bar hinge to the bottom obverse and a rivetted on, magnetic sheet metal, panel with dual, inset pressure closure clips to the reverse. The hinge and pressure closure clip both still function and allow access to the internal components. The interior of the case has a bakelite and metal alloy panels with five extended, steel, screw threaded, switchboard attachment terminals, five input jacks for the handset wiring with the corresponding wire and bakelite plug, an additional two input jacks for an external power source and dual, mechanically activated bells. The interior also has a tan cardstock tag wired to two of the attachment terminals. The tags each have a purple printed name and location, "Hans Heck Frankfurt/Main", and each has additional handwritten script with "Braun", (brown), to one and "weiß", (white), to the other. In likelihood the tags were applied by maintenance personnel. All the internal components excluding the external power source plug are intact. The interior of the case also has an embossed, stylized, DIN logo within a circular recess and the embossed, manufacturer’s three letter code within a circular recess, that appears to be, "enl", indicating manufacture by Allgemeine Elektrizitätsgesellschaft Fabriken of Hennigsdorf/Osthavelland, (General Electricity Manufacturing Company). The interior also has additional unknown embossed markings, "11.Fg.tist.196Tz1. K1583". The telephone is in overall very good condition with light age and usage toning and a few small surface scrapes and scuffs. Nice communications display item.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $180.00

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