BACKGROUND: The development of camouflage clothing and equipment had began in the German army in WWI, and continued through the Weimar Reichswehr, (National Defence Force, Circa 1919-1933), era. The geometric splinter pattern camouflage was developed in the early 1930's and was first adopted for use with the quarter shelter/poncho in late 1931. Further developments in 1943 modified the original splinter pattern by softly blurring the distinct geometric pattern and slightly altering the coloration. This modified camouflage pattern was designated the Tan/water camouflage pattern and was once again altered in 1944 by an even stronger blurring of the distinct geometric pattern. Further camouflage pattern development continued through-out the war and additional subtly different patterns were created with the intent to equip all personnel with the same camouflage pattern but this was never achieved. The army’s camouflage smocks were based on the Waffen-SS, (Armed-SS), designed, (Circa 1938), camouflage smocks and were officially introduced in late 1942. The first pattern smocks came in the army splinter camouflage pattern, and were without a hood. The second pattern smocks came in the army tan/water camouflage pattern and included an integral hood large enough to accommodate a helmet. The smocks were designed to fit over the standard service uniform and as a result were cut quite large. Of Note: Later war production camouflage smocks discontinued use of the integral hood due to fabric shortages. This example is second pattern smock in the tan/water camouflage pattern, with an integral hood.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Second pattern, light weight, cotton/rayon blend construction, three-quarter length, pullover smock with the machine roller printed, geometric, 1943, tan/water pattern camouflage in shades of greens, tans and browns to the exterior. The smock has a "V" slash head/neck opening with a central, vertical, opened, dual-ply, front plaquet with seven pair of stitched eyelets for a drawstring closure. The smock comes with a heavy, interwoven green cotton drawstring. The smock has two, vertical slash, breast openings with overlapping, straight edged flaps to allow access to the underlying uniform pockets. The reverse of the right hand side pocket flap is well marked with a black inkstamped Roman numeral, "I", indicating the grade or size, and an RB number. Of Note: The RB numbers, Reichsbetriebnummer, (National factory code numbers), were introduced in late 1942 and were intended to replace the manufacturer’s marks on garments and equipment to conceal the manufacture’s name and location from the allies, to prevent bombing raids on German industrial factories. The smock has a horizontal, tunnel looped, grey cotton/rayon blend, fit adjustment, drawstring with dual, corresponding stitched eyelets, situated at the waistline. The bottom edge of the tail skirt has a dual-ply, machine stitched hem. The smock has long, raglan style sleeves with straight cut cuffs. The cuffs each have an horizontal, tunnel loop with an extended, horizontal, fabric tab with a single button eyelet to the inside sleeve seam with dual, corresponding, fit adjustment buttons to each. The smock has open vented armpits for ventilation. The large, integral hood has six, small, tapering darts to the forward edge. The reverse upper back panel of the smock has a central, opened, vertical pleat designed for extra room. The camouflage pattern bleeds through to the interior of the smock. The smock is in overall excellent condition with minimal age and usage toning and a couple of small picks and pulls. The cuff buttons are the molded green glass type and appear to have their original stitching. This example is roughly a size 50" chest.

GRADE ****3/4                             PRICE $2,975.00

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