H001278 SIGNALMAN'S BACKPACK. (Fernsprechtornister)

BACKGROUND: Based on the M39 "Tornister," but larger and with dual closure flaps. The backpack would contain the necessary equipment for the Signalman, such as cable reels and various tools. There were three versions of the backpack, "1,2,3", with each having different interiors.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The pack measures 34cm x 38cm x 13cm and has an internal wooden frame that is divided into three compartments, two of which has a leather strap and corresponding single prong buckle. Its exterior is covered in brown cowhide and is trimmed in tan leather. The top closure flap has two wide, tanned leather closure straps that taper to a narrower section. Each strap has six "slotted" cut outs that would be for connecting to a corresponding raised steel bar. The straps also have a stitched on auxiliary strap with a riveted flat steel bar that would then "slide" through the raised steel bar to secure the main straps. The front of the larger bottom flap has six vertical, stitched-on leather loops, and a layered patch of tan leather with the cut-out numeral "3" over a blackened leather underlay. All straps complete. The back pack is marked "Stecher, Freiberg, 1940 and a Waffen amt.

GRADE ****1/4                                 PRICE $485.00

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