DH125 HEAVY FIELD HOWITZER AMMO CASE. (Feldhaubitzgranate Kasten) 14 1/2" x 14 1/2" x 10 1/2", black painted wooden case with dovetailed corner joints and plywood top lid. Paint retained about 80%. Reverse of top lid with two inset metal hinges, and obverse of case with inset metal pressure closure clip. Routed oval depressions to each side of case with nailed on horizontal wooden slats as carrying handles. Top lid with faint white stenciled script that appears to be, "Sonderkart. Zu. 8 s. F. H. 18", (Special canister 8, Heavy Field Howitzer 18). Front of case also has white stenciled script, "Heeres Munition Gesamtgew 24 kg", (Army Munitions Total weight). One side of case with impressed makers code and date, "cff 1942", for M. Koffmahn Kisten-und Holzwarenfabrik, (Crate and wood working Factory). Natural wood interior.

GRADE ***1/2                             PRICE $80.00

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