H050368 K98 FORWARD BARREL BAYONET RECEIVER. (Gewehr Seitengewehrhalter) 

BACKGROUND: The K98 rifle evolved from the WWI Mauser Gew 98 model with slight modifications. The main modification was the shortening of the rifle. Due to restrictions of the Versailles Treaty the K98, wasn’t actual produced in Germany until 1934, although the Mauser company had licensed out production rights to other European countries. Originally the K98's were constructed with good quality walnut stocks and tooled steel fittings but as the war progressed these were replaced by cheaper beech wood and ply wood stocks and stamped metal fittings. The forward barrel bayonet receiver was designed to secure the K98 combat bayonet to the weapon and also secure the K98 cleaning rod. The bayonet receiver was fitted to the forward end of the wooden barrel housing with the barrel resting in a semi-circular cut-out on its top edge. 

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Blued, tooled steel K98 bayonet receiver. The receiver has a semi-circular cut-out to its top edge to accommodate the rifle barrel and an extended horizontal arm with three grooved cut-outs for affixing the "TO" slotted bayonet hilt. Positioned just below the extended arm is a small circular hole for the rifle’s cleaning rod. The receiver retains about 85% of its original bluing. Unmarked example.

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