H044277 ITALIAN/GERMAN AFRICAN CAMPAIGN MEDAL RIBBON. (Ordensband für Italiensch-Deutschen Feldzug in Afrika)

BACKGROUND: The Italian/German African campaign medal was introduced by Mussolini’s Partito Nazionale Fascita, (National Fascist Party), government in the spring of 1942 to commemorate the actions of the DAK, Deutsche Afrika Korps, (German Africa Corps), in the Italian’s ill-fated north African campaign. The medal was only authorized for bestowal to German personnel and as a foreign war decoration eligible German personnel were given pre-authorization to accept and wear the medal it if was bestowed. The medal was produced in only one grade, (Bronze), and the exact criteria for bestowal of the medal is unknown but was in likelihood related to time served in the African campaign. The medal was designed by the Italian jewelry designer De Marchis and most were manufactured by the F. M. Lorioli Fratelli firm of Milan. The early production medals were generally produced in solid bronze while later versions were produced in assorted pot alloys with bronze plated or washed finishes. Of Note: After Italy’s capitulation and declaration of war against Germany in September and October of 1943 respectively, further wear of any Italian decorations or awards including the Italian/German African Campaign medal was prohibited. However the prohibition wasn’t official until regulations of March 29TH 1944 restricting wear of Italian awards was authorized.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A 33mm wide, 15.5cm long, piece of original ribbed rayon ribbon in both the German and Italian national colors. The ribbon is in overall excellent, clean, un-issued condition.

GRADE ****3/4                                                         PRICE $45.00

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