H034779 K98 TURRET MOUNT SCOPE CARRYING CASE. (Zielfernrohr Träger)

BACKGROUND: The turret mount scope system, developed in 1939, was considered to be the best mount system used by German snipers, and was used through-out the war. The original scope using this mount system was the Zielfernrohrkarabiner 98K, 4 power scope. As the war continued other scopes including the M39, Heliaver, Ziel-Dialyt, Zielvier and Zielsechs were adapted to this mount system. Most of these scopes were 4 power although some 6 power scopes were also utilized.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Second pattern carrying case of magnetic sheet metal construction, roughly 32cm tall. Obverse and reverse of case have two parallel, vertical, embossed reinforcement bars. Side hinged top lid with metal encased spring closure clip, as found on gas mask canisters. Brazed retaining plate to reverse with attached "D" rings to either side for the carrying strap. Brazed plate also retains a wide olive drab web belt loop. Case retains about 90% of its original field-grey paint. Interior with circular recesses at top and bottom with protective horsehair padding. Reverse of case with stamped waffen-amt, makers code, "jvb" for Wessel & Muller Beschlagfabrik.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $952.00

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