H022576 K98 M34 CLEANING KIT. (Reinigungsgerät 34)

BACKGROUND: The K98 rifle evolved from the WWI Mauser Gew 98 model with slight modifications. The main modification was the shortening of the rifle. Due to restrictions of the Versailles Treaty the K98, wasn’t actual produced in Germany until 1934, although the Mauser company had licensed out production rights to other European countries. When issued the K98 came accompanied with assorted accessory items including a sling, a cleaning rod, a protective muzzle cover and a M34 cleaning kit. The M34 cleaning kit was introduced in 1934 and was utilized with all bolt action rifles.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Stamped, matte grey, magnetic sheet metal case with a vertical brazed side seam. The case has hinged lids to both the top and bottom edges, with internal bar hinges to the reverse and crimped, hinged, brass closure clips to the obverse. Marked, ‘Mundlos 1937'. The case has a small internal compartment to the bottom and a larger internal compartment to the top with a brazed on internal frame to separate the contents. The kit contains a tooled natural steel oiler, 2 brushes and chain. One of the hinged lids is damaged, but still functional.

GRADE *** 3/4                                                         PRICE $60.00

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