H011680 WEHRPASS "Turkestanisches". (Wehrpaß)

BACKGROUND: With the reintroduction of conscription in 1935, the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, (High Command of the Armed Forces), activated the Wehrersatzdienststelle, (Recruiting Offices), throughout Germany to process and administer the call up procedure. When individuals received their registration notice they were to report to the appropriate recruitment center where they would be issued a Wehrpass, until they were inducted into active duty. On induction to active military service the Wehrpass was exchanged at the recruitment office for the Soldbuch. The recruitment office would retain the Wehrpass and chronicle the individuals active service record in it. The Wehrpass was issued in three slightly different variants with minor modifications. Generally if the individual was killed in battle the Wehrpass would be forwarded to his next-of-kin as a memento of his service time.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Fifty-four page, first pattern, (circa 1934-38), Wehrpass with a light grey card stock cover with a loosely woven linen reinforcement thread underlay. The front cover features a printed Army style eagle with down swept wings and Gothic script, "Wehrpaß". The cover also has a grey reinforcement strip of tape to the seam. With photo of owner. All pages with entries are photographed. This Wherpass belonged to Sonderfuhrer Oscar Fink of the Turkestanisches Feld-Batalion which, was rasied in August of 1942 2. Armee (Heeresgruppe Mitte) as part of the Army Rear Area 580. The Battalion became III (Turk)/Grenadier Regiment 359 in 1944. Fink also served in the Infantry Division 206 which participated in Operation Typhoon as part of the XXIII Corps under the ninth Army. At this time, the division was under the command of Lieutenant General Hugo Höfl. Fink was a specialist in Horses and Transport - Marschschwadron Schwerin. Of Note: At the time of the Soviet Rzhev-Vyazma strategic offensive operation (08.01-20.04.42), Operation Mars, the division, now led by Lieutenant General Alfons Hitter was again serving in XXIII Corps under the Ninth Army in the Molodoi Tud sector of the Rzhev Salient, Here it came under attack by the Soviet 39th Army of the Kalinin Front.

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