BACKGROUND: Brown was to become the official color of the N.S.D.A.P. and S.A. by circumstance rather than design. A large stockpile of discounted, surplus WWI tropical brown shirts and fabric, intended for wear in East Africa, were located in Austria in 1924 and purchased by the Nazis as a temporary measure to bring uniformity of dress to their party members. In November of 1926 the brown shirt was officially introduced, and retained, as the basic uniform item for the N.S.D.A.P. and S.A., and was eventually adopted by other political organizations such as the H.J., D.A.F., and the N.S.K.K.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Very nice, early example for a member of SA Jäger Standarten 7 with Gruppe Westfalen. A light tan, cotton twill construction, waist-length service shirt featuring a lay-down collar and five button front. Buttons being of nickel silver plated sheet metal. The shirt has two pleated patch breast pockets with scalloped button-down flaps and buttons identical to those on the front closure. There is a small tear to the center of the left breast pocket. All of the buttons retain the majority of their finish. The quadruple darted sleeves have fold-back French cuffs with dual button closures for the removable buttons. Double silver rank tress is sewn to each sleeve end. To the waistband are four darts to both the front and rear and seven brass pebbled alloy belt support hooks. Handstitched along its upper edge to the left sleeve is a multi-piece red cotton NSDAP member’s armband. The red armband has a circular white cotton field stitched to it with a black machine woven mobile swastika. Collar tabs are dark wine red (Gruppe Westfalen) with green chain stitched unit numbers (Jäger). The Arabic numerals to the right collar tab, "14/J7," represents the Sturm (Company), "14," followed by the Jäger Standarte (Regiment), "7". The rank pip to the left collar tab and the single rank litzen represents the rank of Oberscharführer. Both of the collar tabs are hand-stitched to the collar. Alternating black and white piping along the edge of the collar. The, along with the emerald colored collar tabs with white chain-stitched numerals and rank tress, and the black dividing line to the rank tress, established the wearer as belonging to Gruppe Nordmark. First pattern, single right shoulder strap made of four cord rows in the same alternating colors as the piping and with a stiff underlay the same color as that unit’s collar patches. Shirt comes complete with its neck tie and NSDAP membership pin. Approximately a chest size 36". Superb original example that was actually worn and used. Nice.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $952.00

New information added Jan 28th 2009

"This is in regard to your item N038360 SA-Oberscharfüührer’’s Service Brown Shirt. The ““double silver rank tress”” displayed
on the sleeves of this SA Traditions Brown Shirt was known as ““Party Membership Service Entry Stripes””
and these reflected status prior to 1933 –– which in turn indicates that any Tunic or Brown Shirt bearing
such silver sleeve bands is of post-1933 creation. Two 4mm silver stripes indicated that the wearer held
unbroken membership in the SA (or other NSDAP uniform organization) originating in 1931 –– any time from
January 1 through December 31, 1931 –– but again, unbroken, meaning all dues paid to the present date.
Hope this is helpful info for you. And this shirt is indeed a great item!"

James, thank you


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