G006665 S 98/05 nA S "SAWBACK" COMBAT BAYONET. (Seitengewehr mit Säge)

BACKGROUND: This model bayonet replaced, in 1905, the earlier S 98/02 "Pionier Faschinenmesser," which had been designed along similar lines as a tool for clearing brush with its machete-like blade, and cutting limbs with its sawback. The sawback blades gained notoriety when Allied propaganda promoted them as examples of German barbarity, with the effect that German soldiers feared reprisals if captured with them, and they were summarily withdrawn from service.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A second pattern model 1898/05 bayonet, with the flash guard along the back of its grips introduced in 1915, known as the S 98/05 nA S ("Seitengewehr 98/05 neuer Art mit Säge," or, Bayonet ‘98/’05 new Pattern with Saw), and its original scabbard. Its contoured bird’s head pommel has a stud guide and locking stud. Its contoured wooden grips each have nine diagonal grooves incised into them, and they are fixed by two plain-headed bolts and slot-headed washers. Visible through the rectangular cuts to the base of each grip is a circular cleaning hole. A sheet steel flash guard runs along the top of the grips between the stud guide and cross guard. The riveted steel cross guard has a scalloped muzzle guide to its top, and a "quillon," which curves backwards and terminates in a ball tip, extends from its base. The 36.5cm blade, which is 25mm wide near the guard, and widens to 33mm before tapering to a point, has wide fullers along most of its length. Well marked to the ricasso "ERFURT". There are also markings to the base of the back of the blade "W" and "15" along with another crowned, Gothic letter "D," stamped to the steel. The sheet metal steel scabbard, adopted in 1915, has a throat screw and a raised frog lug near its mouth, and tapers along its 38cm length to a ball tip. Matching serial numbers to the bayonet and scabbard. Nice example.

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