H086960 M43 ANTI-PERSONNEL GLASS MINE TOP PLATE. (Teil für Glasmine 43)

BACKGROUND: The German army utilized a wide variety of assorted anti-personnel and anti-vehicles mines as well as assorted demolition charges. The mines and demolition charges were generally handled by Pionier, (Combat Engineers), troops and each Division in the German army, and the Waffen-SS, had an organic Engineer battalion that consisted of personnel specially trained in destroying enemy obstacles, creating forward defensive positions, bridging and assault tactics. As a result the Engineers were issued with assorted, specialized, equipment designed to meet their needs as the spearhead troops. Along with the Engineer’s assault packs, long handle shovels, picks and axes and explosive tool kits the Engineers were also equipped with a wide variety of explosive charges, mines and the appropriate detonators and igniters. Of Note: As the spearhead troops, personnel serving with an Engineer unit, generally experienced higher casualties rates then standard units. Developed in 1943 the glass construction, anti-personnel "Glasmine 43" was a successful, attempt to evade the electrical mine detectors which worked by detecting variations in the local magnetic field. The "Glasmines" were generally buried just beneath the surface of the ground and were armed with TNT and activated by a top pressure plate with a "Hebelzünder" igniter. The "Glasmines" consisted of a molded glass bottom "bowl", filled with the explosive with a thin sheet metal inner top plate an additional molded glass top plate and wooden dowels. This example consists of both the sheet metal and glass top plates and dual wooden dowels. Of Note: Due to their fragility the glass mines are relatively scarce.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The molded, clear glass top plate is roughly, 4 1/2" diameter and 1/2" thick with four, raised concentric rings to one side and dual, "V" indentations to the other side. The glass plate has a couple of small surface chips.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $60.00

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